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ETATS Limited is arguably Uganda’s most experience local road and bridge Construction Company with experience spanning 40 years.

We have over the last 4 decades provided the people and Government of Uganda with outstanding services in the construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of roads and bridges.In executing our works, we source the right people and equipment so that we are able to offer a consistently reliable, timely, safe and cost effective service for the mutual benefit of the Client and ourselves.

The construction services we offer are an indication of our commitment to a productive efficiency aimed at delivering our projects on time, within budget and to specification.

Our outstanding performance over the last 40 years is primarily due to our Founder’s resolve to grow into a leading construction services provider, not just in the roads and bridges sector, but in other sectors as well. We continue to plan our expansion into new areas of the construction industry in Uganda.

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ETATS Limited was founded and Incorporated Elly Technical and Transport Services on 8 th December 1978 by James Kafifi Balyejusa.

A Civil Engineer by training, James started and run ETATS for 39 years, seeing it grow from strength to strength, regardless of the environment in which he operated.

Our growth in the early years of operation surpassed expectations and our continued operation for nearly four decades now; are a direct result of our Founder’s resolve to grow, his resilience to go on and his commitment to our survival and success while making a positive impact on the development of our nation.

In the nearly four decades of our existence, we have contributed significantly to the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges in Uganda.We have built and maintained at least 10,000Km of road and built at least 15 bridges across Uganda.

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Our mission, vision, values, strategy and our people are an indication of who we are today and who we want to be in the future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a vibrant construction business that contributes significantly to infrastructure development in Uganda.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading Contractor delivering projects that bring lasting benefits to our clients and the communities impacted by our projects.

Our Values

At ETATS, our Values are at the heart of all our business activities. They drive our commitment to delivering quality, on time and within budget thereby creating positive legacies wherever we work. They have formed the basis of our growth and sustainability over the last 40 years.


Our values are;

We add value

On all our projects, we aim at delivering and adding value to our client’s value system by providing
high quality solutions to our Client’s problems.

We work together

We value the contribution of each individual, business and entity that we engage with on our projects
and we work together to build strong, open, trusting and sustainable business relationships.

We listen

We respect our staff, business partners and clients and deliver our projects in a safe and sustainable
manner building on the positive contributions of those that we deal with.